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Uncontested, or ID Divorce:

- If you are looking to get divorced in Tennessee and both parties can agree on all matters of the divorce, then call us and we can assist you in making that divorce a reality!
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Although the possibility of divorce is never an easy decision, many couples are able to reach a resolution before the process begins, thereby allowing them to have an Agreed or Uncontested Divorce. This means that the spouses have worked through and resolved all of the issues involved in the divorce and are ready to sign off on the settlement documents that will be filed with the Court.  Normally, no pleadings are filed or suit initiated until these settlement documents have been signed and notarized by both parties.


If there are minor children born to the marriage, a Permanent Parenting Plan must be agreed upon -


This Plan includes a co-parenting schedule for the school year and for holidays. This schedule may be as flexible or detailed as the parties want. For example, the so-called “day to day” schedule for the alternate residential parent may range from every other weekend to alternating weeks of co-parenting with the children. Once that decision has been reached, the parties must then decide how to allocate the holidays between them. These usually include Christmas, Thanksgiving, Summer Break, Spring Break and birthdays.  Parents can also choose to designate how Halloween, July 4th, and other school-free days will be shared. The options for how to fairly allocate holidays to maximize quality time with the family are many, from alternating years to splitting the holidays in half.  Plans must also indicate who will claim the children on their taxes (which can be alternated as well), the amount of child support to be paid and how uninsured medical expenses will be addressed.


The second document that both parties must sign is called a Marital Dissolution Agreement or “MDA.”


This document explains how the spouses will be dividing all assets and debts. This includes any and all real property, personal property, vehicles, bank accounts, retirement and investment accounts and debts.  If any of this property is financed or encumbered by loans, the MDA will also indicate who will continue to be financially responsible after the divorce is finalized. All debts, including credit cards, loans, taxes, etc. must also be specifically listed. Many times MDAs will require a refinance of real property to remove one spouse’s name from liability. Many times, Quit-Claim Deeds are also signed by the spouse not retaining the property. Encumbered vehicles may also need to be refinanced or traded-in.  If the parties have retirement accounts or investments, those must similarly be distributed. Depending upon the type of retirement account, we may need to draft additional forms.  For example, dividing up a 401k between spouses requires a specialized form called a Qualified Domestic Relations Order, or “QDRO.”  These must be sent to the account’s Plan Administrator for approval before being submitted to the divorce court.  Joint bank accounts will need to be closed or changed into one spouse’s name. If the parties have not already divided their personal property, the MDA can specify what each party receives and how the transfer will be accomplished.


Once both the Parenting Plan and MDA have been signed by both parties and filed with the Court, your waiting period begins. For divorces without minor children, this period is sixty days. If you do have minor children, the period is ninety days. At the end of the waiting period, the Final Decree is the document signed by the Judge that declares the parties divorced and addresses any name changes for the Wife.


To reduce the uncertainty of your financial obligation, Bartlett Law Offices charges a flat fee for uncontested divorces.  Some uncontested divorces require filing additional documents, such as Permanent Parenting Plans, Quit-Claim Deeds or Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, for which a separate flat fee is assessed.  


You will always know the amount of your bill for an uncontested divorce at Bartlett Law Offices, which reduces any financial strain on you and your family during this difficult time.  In other words - there will be NO surprises!  


Call us today at (615) 415-0542 or email at the link above, and let's get the process started!






Can we do everything via email?

Yes, with the exception of getting the signatures notarized.

How long does the process take?

60 Days from time of filing to issuance of the final decree for uncontested divorces WITHOUT children.


90 Days from time of filing to issuance of the final decree for uncontested divorces WITH children.


State Law - Mandatory Waiting Period - Because the Legislature would like for you to change your mind and stay married.

How do the payments work?

The fee for the paperwork is due when you turn in the completed forms.  The court costs are not due until the documents are 100% correct, signed and ready for filing with the Court.

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